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    Helping Leaders of Industry

    We take your investment portfolio to new heights. From the stock and crypto market to the real estate market, we have provided only the best investment options for you to invest and grow your money with no required experience on your side.


    Trusted by 60+ brokerages worldwide

    With a presence in the world's top exchanges, many teams choose AFX Capital to locate viable investment options for their numerous investors at the touch of a button

  • Many options in our categories to choose from

    Browse through numerous options in our categories, pick a stock, a crypto asset or a piece of property you'd like to invest in, pay a desired amount you wish to invest in it for and watch your portfolio grow over time

    Project-backed coins listed



    From over 200 companies



    Only valuable properties listed



    From the most promising collections



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    Priya Najeeb

    The first stocks I picked up were from this platform. I was a newbie and looking for a way to create multiple sources of income and AFX came showing me the right options.

    tel: +1 830 217 9501
    Fabio Sasso

    In all my years of crypto and stock trading, the best ROIs I've made are from the ones I handpicked from AFX's list. No single one has failed me and I'm truly grateful for that.

    tel: +1 830 217 9280
    Josh Stilensky

    I knew and still know nothing about NFTs, but I've made good bank with the ones I purchased simple because I trusted the options AFX gave me. You should too.

    tel: +1 319 313 6840
    Tim Harrisson

    Real estate has been my business for over 17 years but I've gotten the best properties at a highest flip rate through AFX. Now portfolio consists of some of the most valuable properties in choice parts of the world.

    tel: +1 725 245 1783


    Purchases are paid for either through bank electronic transfer or crypto currencies, whose addresses will be displayed on our payment page during check out.

    Yes we do, including Ethereum and USDT.

    Each week we look through the index funds of the S&P 500 and observe the best performing stock over a predetermined period of time. We also take into consideration the products and services of their parent company to determine the performance of their stock in the long run.

    We only support one portfolio per member. But each portfolio can contain options from all our available categries for investment.


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